(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — All this week, Frank Vascellaro and Chris Shaffer are goin’ to the lake. On Wednesday, the two explored Deerwood, Minn. The guys had spent Tuesday night at Ruttger’s Lodge on Bay Lake, where the loons seemed to enjoy themselves. That night, they ate at family-style restaurant that offered a real Minnesota pizza — one made with chicken and wild rice.

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When the guys woke up and headed out into town, they visited a beloved shop, family-run shop and then braved a high ropes course. Watch all their adventures in the videos below…

Frank & Chris Hang Out On Beautiful Bay Lake

Bay Lake is only a couple hours north of the Twin Cities, but it feels like it’s a lot farther north. One of the oldest lodges in the state — Ruttger’s Bay Lake Lodge — is on the lake. It opened in 1898.

There’s golf, swimming pools and 400 acres of lakeshore to explore. The lake itself is huge, but it doesn’t feel like it. All the bays almost make it seem like five or six different lakes.

Frank & Chris Visit Hansen Sports, A Deerwood Staple

Curt Hansen has been greeting customers at Hansen Sports for almost 70 years. His dad bought the place in 1944, and not a lot has changed.

Charge books are still in use for hundreds of customers.

“I’m kind of computer illiterate,” Hansen said.

The store offers pretty much anything you need for the cabin. But the things you can buy aren’t the reason many consider Hansen Sports to be the heartbeat of the Bay Lake community.

It’s the people behind the counter — three generations of Hansens.

Curt is always there. He lives above the store, and his lunch break is taken in the in-store family dining room.

He has no plans to leave.

“I wouldn’t want to go sit in a rest home anyplace,” Hansen said. “To me, that’s not livin’.”

Frank & Chris Eat Chicken Wild Rice Pizza

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Frank and Chris described the chicken wild rice pizza at Deerstand as a highlight of their lake trip. And if you want to enjoy that particularly Minnesotan pizza at your cabin, Deerstand freezes them…so you can do just that.

Frank & Chris Walk High Ropes Course

Team building meant the high ropes course at Clearwater Forest. We’ll let you decide who handled heights better…

Frank & Chris Eat At The Lonesome Pine

On Wednesday night, the guys made their way by boat to The Lonesome Pine. Josh Goolsbee owns the restaurant, and his family has been a part of the community since the ’30s.

As they well know, boat access is why The Lonesome Pine is special.

“A restaurant by boat, a resort by boat, church by boat — it’s all about being able to do those lake things by boat,” Goolsbee said.

And the scenery at Bay Lake is a testament to why Minnesotans build cabins.

“Once you escape a certain point on your way to the lake, you’re north of the tension line, your stresses and your worries go away,” Goolsbee said. “You can breathe a sigh of relief. You’re goin’ to the lake.”

Here is a list of links for all the places Frank and Chris stayed at or visited in Deerwood:

The Deerstand Restaurant
Hansen Sports On Bay Lake
Ruttger’s Bay Lake Lodge
High Ropes Course At Clearwater Forest
Lonesome Pine Restaurant 

Here is the full schedule for Frank and Chris’s 2013 “Goin’ To The Lake” road trip. Click here to suggest places for them to visit:

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Monday, June 10: Grand Rapids
Monday, June 11: Alexandria
Monday, June 12: Deerwood
Monday, June 13: Chetek, Wis.
Monday, June 14: Lanesboro