(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — All this week, Frank Vascellaro and Chris Shaffer are goin’ to the lake. On Thursday, the guys explored Chetck, Wis.

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It’s a town of about 2,000 people, but in the summer that population swells well above that. Lots of visitors from Minnesota, Illinois and Iowa go there to enjoy all the local resorts or spend time in their cabins.

All those resorts and cabins sit on the Chetek chain of lakes, which is six lakes that are all connected.

When you visit the town, it doesn’t take much time to realize that it’s built around those six lakes.

Frank & Chris Stop By Chetek Hotspots

One of the local hotspots is Gilligans Tiki Bar on Pokegama Lake. There, the guys found Wisconsin-born singer Mark Thompson playing to the crowd.

Another place viewers told Frank and Chris to check out was Reds Eating and Drinking Establishment on Chetek Lake.

They have a big deck,which you can easily get to from the lake. Just dock your boat and head up to grab a bite and a drink.

Frank & Chris Check Out Hydroflites Ski Show

This is a real family-friendly ski team, and it’s something that the community is really involved in.

The Frank and Chris watched Wednesday night as the junior team was practicing. They said it’s amazing how quickly these kids pick up skiing and how good they become.

They’ve got kids as young as 6, and the oldest skier on the team, Dave Ziarnik, is 56. He’s also the show’s director.

We talked to him about how much work goes in to each performance.

“Each year we start out in about November planning and staging for the next year’s show,” he said. “We have costumes that change each act…based on the theme and the skiers in the act.”

He added: “It’s quite an undertaking we have approximately 140 skis that we use during the show.”

Frank & Chris Visit Historic Bakery, Bar

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Chetek’s local bakery is celebrating its 75th year in business, and it’s a place many of you emailed us about saying we had to check it out.

Another place we got a lot of emails about whas the B and B Bar in downtown Chetek, just down the street from the bakery. They are celebrating their 80th year in business.

Frank & Chris Cast Their Lines In Fish-O-Rama

Skiing isn’t the only thing you can do in Chetek…They also have a big fishing contest every summer where they put tags on panfish and anyone who catches those fish can turn them in for a prize — it’s called Fish-O-Rama.

“The last two years we’ve had a little extra cash, and we sponsored two $1,000 fish,” said Ryan Gonzales, the manager, Rod & Gun sport shop. “We tag whatever we can catch — be a heck of a prize for someone.”

This year marks the 27th year for Fish-O-Rama. The community tags about 400 blue gills and crappies — most fish are worth $25, $50,$100 or $500.

Even if you get a fish that was tagged in past years, you get $5 for it. All you need to take part in Fish-O-Rama is a button: $3 for singles, $5 for a couple, and $6 for a family.

Fish-O-Rama sounded like a challenge to the guys, so they gave it a try.

Frank & Chris Roll Up To Stardust Drive-In Theatre

Drive-in theaters are a dying breed, with more closing every year.

But in Chetek, a couple went out of their way to build one in a pine forest five years ago. We also learned that the barter system is alive and well at the theater.

Here is a list of links for all the places Frank and Chris stayed at or visited in Chetek:

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Reds Eating and Drinking Establishment
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Steve Sedani — Up-Der North Guide Service

Here is the full schedule for Frank and Chris’s 2013 “Goin’ To The Lake” road trip. Click here to suggest places for them to visit:

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Monday, June 10: Grand Rapids
Monday, June 11: Alexandria
Monday, June 12: Deerwood
Monday, June 13: Chetek, Wis.
Monday, June 14: Lanesboro