MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — This Independence Day, put aside the burgers and hot dogs and try something a little more adventurous.

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Stu, the “King of Barbecue” has some easy recipes.

“What makes Fourth of July better than chicken wings and ribs,” he said.

The novice griller may think ribs take several hours, but not so Stu said.

Using a big green egg, Stu starts by seasoning the meat.

“Cook them for half hour on both sides, then at this point we do the Texas crunch,” he said.

That means wrap the meat in foil with two ounces of your favorite beverage.

“My favorite is Dr. Pepper,” he said.

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A half hour later, add some sauce — tender ribs cooked in a 90 minutes.

“Tastes likes its 7 hours,” he said.

Then there’s chicken wings, a meal where the possibilities are endless. Try a dry rub.

“Another great one is buffalo style or teriyaki,” he said.

But the key to great tasting wings is a low temperature — about 325 degrees, 20 minutes each side.

“I always tell people burnt is burnt — at the end you can always add color, you can’t subtract it,” he said.

When firing up the grill, remember Stu’s three key rules.

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“Grilling is not a race, take your time and slow down,” he said. “Never put sauce on until the very end, and invest in high quality meat thermometer.”