MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Stop texting for just a minute and listen up: Did you know July is National Cell Phone Courtesy month?

Some experts give us dos and don’ts when it comes to cell phone etiquette.

Can you relate to this? You’re out to lunch with a friend and they are always using their cell phone. We can’t live without them, but bad cell phone behavior could hurt your social life and even worse, your career. Jacqueline Whitmore, an expert on etiquette, named July National Cell Phone Courtesy Month back in 2002.

With the ubiquity of smartphones and other electronic devices, she said our “techno-etiquette” seems to be declining. With that in mind, she offers some tips.

— If you’re at work, be completely present in your meetings or other important events by turning your phone’s ringer on silent.

— You should also avoid talking about private or important information in public since you just never know who might be listening in on your phone call.

— Put the phone down when you’re out with somebody in public. They’re more important than your phone, but if you’re expecting an important call, let your companions know ahead of time and excuse yourself if and when your phone rings.

— Avoid what’s commonly known as “cell yell” and speak in your regular conversational tone. If you’re watching video or listening to music while on your phone in public, use headphones.

— Don’t under any circumstances text and drive, you’re putting yourself and others around you on the road at risk.

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