MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Do you like treasure hunting?  If so, you should check out Free Art Fridays.

It’s a Twin Cities version of an international trend. Artists hide small works, and if you find it, you keep it.

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Jun-Li Wang, the St. Paul woman who started it, wants lots of people to join the fun.

“I heard about it when I was visiting Detroit, actually, they have an active Free Art Friday, and I looked it up, and it turns out, you know, anyone is welcome to just start it up in whatever community they’re in,” Wang said.

She hopes that when artists put their stuff out they leave a little tag on the piece with their information, so that the people finding it know what they found.

“You share your name as the artist, and then for people who find it, we hope that they’ll post a picture, saying that they found the item, so that we know it’s been found,” Wang said.

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People finding art can post pictures on the group’s Facebook Page. Keep in mind, this isn’t a professional art-sharing platform. One man described it as “entirely public, civic and shared.”

And people like that, he added.

Artist Robyn Hendrix said she found a “funny, little” painting she did last year and decided to hide it for Free Art Fridays. She says that where an artist hides art is also a means of expression.

“It’s also about artists thinking about: What are places in the city that we would like to highlight?” ” she said. “What is the favorite funky spot that I have?”

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The Facebook Page has more than 1,000 members. Check it out.