MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — One Minnesota club doesn’t want your kids to back down from a fight. Instead, they want them to embrace that energy and pick up a sword.

The Minnesota Sword Club has been around for 30 years, teaching kids confidence and skills in fencing. Instruction includes modern fencing and medieval sword fighting.

“It’s not all that different except for the technique,” Sword Club owner Rich Jacobson said.

Instructors say fighting is a natural thing for most people. What they’re trying to do with these kids is have them understand the technical aspect of sword.

The club teaches kids as young as 6 years old.

“If you see little kids with sticks always hitting each other, it’s because that willingness to battle is always there,” Jacobson said.

A fencer not only has to use their body in a bout but, more importantly, their head.

“How do you get to them without them getting to you? It’s a very simple game, really,” Jacobson said.

It’s also a safe sport. The only injury the club has had in 30 years was when someone broke their hand while falling backwards.

“All the gear is made to protect you,” Jacobson said.

Classes and camps happen throughout the summer. A three-month membership costs anywhere from $94 to more than $200, depending on ages and the types of training.


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