MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — With the Basilica Block Party rolling into town this weekend, Kristin from Minneapolis wanted to know: Where does the term Rock ‘n’ Roll come from?

There is some debate to origin of this term. Some historians believe it came from the “rocking and rolling” motion of a ship on the ocean. Others attribute the origin to motions of sex. Either way, the terms was used in songs in the 1920s and record reviews by the 1940s. In 1951, popular deejay Alan Freed started using the phrase on his radio show and it took off from there.

Now that the Stanley Cup has been making its rounds in Minnesota due to former Gopher/current Chicago Blackhawk Nick Leddy, Paul from Bemidji wondered: What happens when there are so many engraved names and the Stanley Cup runs out of room?

According to a spokesperson at the Hockey Hall of Fame – home to the cup – once the bottom band fills us, they take off the top band and retire it to the Hall of Fame. They then put a new, blank band on the bottom.  That way, the Stanley Cup is always the same size and weight.

Jason from Mendota Heights asked: Is it aunt (ANT) or aunt (AHNT)?

It’s both, but ANT is more common. According to the Harvard Dialect Survey Map, AHNT does have a bit of a stronghold here in Minnesota, but is most popular in the Northeast. AHNT is also popular in Britian, which could explain why some people who live in the area of the US (Northeast) with the closest cultural ties to Britian say AHNT.


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