MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — You don’t have to be a princess to get the royal treatment, when it’s time for baby to arrive. Hospitals around metro have been upgrading the amenities for new moms, from room service and special baby cakes to aromatherapy and photo shoots.

Jen Eisenbarth’s family grew last night with the addition of little baby Tice. But the hospital all of her children were born in has certainly changed along the way.

“I had cake delivered to me by the hospital. We had a photo shoot, a full photo shoot, with family,” she said.

Fairview Southdale offers more than a dozen special amenities for new moms from aromatherapy to special room service meals.

“Would I ever pass up a massage? I’m sorry, no,” she said, with a laugh. “I’m going to eat my cake as I get my massage, as I look at the pictures.”

It’s part of a destination birth trend.

Woodwinds in Woodbury, Minneapolis Children’s at Abbott Northwestern and Maple Grove Hospital have all built a fancy new birth center.

“They want to be treated very well and have a destination birth,” said Rachel Swardson, of Bavia Health.

And a special massage treatment is available at all hospitals in the metro.

“It’s massage, but it’s eucalyptus-infused steam towels,” Swardson said. “We creat a spaspital environment instead of a basic hospital environment.”

Swardson created Bavia’s spa treatment, because there wasn’t anything like it when she had her three children.

“By doing massage in the mom’s room, allowing her to have that spa-like teatement, she’ll never forget that. We never forget what happens at our birth,” she said.

As Eisenbarth points out, extra pampering makes the event even more special.

“Did I mention that I’m having cake?” she said, with a smile.

She said the photo shoot was one of the most memorable — about a 20-minute session with her husband, new baby and the rest of the kids.