MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – If you didn’t notice the older man poking his head out of a cubicle — and even waving to cameras — in the background of the Anthony Weiner press conference on Tuesday, the internet did.

The man dubbed “cubicle guy” on Twitter is Jeff McKinney, who was a long-time reporter and anchor for WCCO Radio. Now he works as a reporter at WOR in New York City.

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Adam Carter, of WCCO Radio, interviewed McKinney on his accidental stealing of the press conference spotlight.

At the start of the interview, McKinney refers to himself as cubicle guy, in the third person.

“Cubicle guy had no idea that he was cubicle guy,” McKinney said. “Cubicle Guy was just there. He was taking notes. He was standing behind Anthony Weiner, because that was the only available spot to him. Because Cubicle Guy was late to the news conference, but as it turns out not as late as Anthony Weiner.”

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He added: “I didn’t realize I was becoming famous as I stood there, taking notes and doing whatever I was doing.”

Cubicle guy said he wouldn’t have had any idea that he’d gone viral if Carter hadn’t told him. 

“I had a couple of people – past colleagues from Chicago and some guys here in New York – say I’m on Twitter, but I had no idea that…what do you say?…I was going viral on Twitter.”

When Carter asked if cubicle guy waved to him specifically during the conference, cubicle guy immediately responded in the affirmative.

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“Yep,” he said. “It was a surreptitious wave.”