MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO)The Lowry Tunnel through downtown Minneapolis was closed overnight Monday and Tuesday — for cleaning. So, Tarsia from Eagan wondered: Why does the Lowry Tunnel have to be cleaned?

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MNDOT spokesman Kent Barnard likens the cleaning to what you’d do with your car or home. He says the cleaning, maintenance and repair make the tunnel last longer.

With all of the cars going through the confined space, the dirt and grime build up quickly. Barnard says the darkened walls and lights are a safety issue. MNDOT generally closes the tunnel overnight twice a year. In that time, crews also patch potholes, clean out the storm sewer system, replace air filters and fix electrical problems.

>Emily from Shoreview has had a few too many mealy peaches, so she asked: Is there a way to decipher to good peaches from the bad ones?

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According to the University of Minnesota Extension, a mealy peach generally happens because something went wrong on the trip from the tree to the table. Usually peach was put into the wrong temperature along the way. So, your best bet: buy peaches as close to Minnesota as you can, like Michigan or Colorado.

If that’s not possible, “Professor Produce” at the Wedge Co-op says there are ways to tell in the store, but it’s hard to do. A mealy peach is more likely to give way to your pressure when you squeeze it and sometimes have a grey or green cast.

With the arrival of George Alexander Louis, at least four WCCO viewers asked: Does the prince have a last name?

According to the royal family website, that’s for William and Kate to decide. Likely choices are Wales, Cambridge, or Mountbatten-Windsor. William’s last name is Wales, after his father, the Prince of Wales. The couple might choose Cambridge because they are the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. If Will and Kate decide to go with tradition, Mountbatten-Windsor would be another choice. When Queen Elizabeth took to the throne in 1952, she decided that was the name she wanted for her direct descendants. Windsor is for the House of Windsor and Mountbatten is Prince Philip’s last name.

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That would leave the little boy with a big name: His Royal Highness Prince George Alexander Louis Mountbatten-Windsor of Cambridge.

Heather Brown