(credit: Submitted Photo)

(credit: Submitted Photo)

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Terrell Mayes, who died two years ago in his home in north Minneapolis, would have turned 5 years old Monday.

Mayes and his family were eating dinner, when they heard shots fired.

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Vee Jay Smith of Mad Dads says, sadly, the family knew what to do.

“You know, at 3 years old, you look at a baby going up the stairs with a plate of spaghetti and baby knows, along with the rest of the family, to get in a safe place,” Smith said. “That kid is just running up the steps and that bullet goes through the stairway and kills their baby right there on that spot.”

Minneapolis Police have identified two groups involved, but they can’t find the shooter.

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“There’s some individuals that are known to have some conflict, and why we can’t find the name of that individual,” he said.

He said there is a $60,000 reward on the line and still no information.

“Any time that you can put out $60,000 on information on who killed a baby and you get nothing — nothing that can lead to the conviction of an individual — it’s really sad,” he said. “People really want these criminals off the street.”

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The event will be held at 26th Avenue and Colfax Avenue North from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. Sunday evening.