MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A fixture near the University of Minnesota’s campus is closing its doors Monday.

The House of Hanson grocery store, which has been in business for 80 years, will be open in Dinkytown for one last day to make room for a major project affecting the area.

I went to school here and went to the House of Hanson many, many times. And the longtime grocery is closing over a controversial project as the university and the city are trying to accommodate many students that need housing.

Despite protests from neighborhood activists, the Minneapolis City Council approved rezoning last week to make way for a six-story apartment building.

The development will be right in the area between 13th and 14th avenues.

Laurel Bauer, the owner of House of Hanson, says it’s hard saying goodbye to a piece of history, but also wants to keep up with the times.

“Mixed emotions,” Bauer said, “but I’m optimistic for Dinkytown. This project is good. I’m happy to leave the legacy for Dinkytown for my reputation and my family.”

Longtime customers say it’s bittersweet.

“We used to come to House of Hanson, and we could walk to school it was like a little town,” Bob Ellingson said. “So I’m sad to see people move, so I’m sad to see people who have been operating businesses leaving.”

Other businesses in the area have already moved to other locations. The project is expected to be finish around this time next year.

Kate Raddatz


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