MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — If you’ve ever scrolled through your facebook timeline or twitter feed and thought, “Where are my friends?” the new Kinly app may be for you. Whatever you post goes only to your defined social circle or kin.

“It’s defined by your kin. So whatever you want to name your kin and whoever you want to invitie to it,” said Matt Johnson, inventor of the Kinly App. “That’s your group in the app. It could be family, friends or any group of people you want to interact privately in an app like this.”

Like facebook you can share photos, comments, check-ins, medical info., even your Christmas list — but not with the world. Just your kin.

“I created it because I was inspired by facebook and networks that are so big. So many people, so many ads, I found myself looking for the people I cared about the most, and wanting to see what they were doing,” Johnson said.

Which can be hard with hundreds of friends and likes. So, he got rid of the clutter.

“I was a little annoyed by the complainers,” he said. “I hate this. Politics that. I just got sick of it.”

Other uses of the Kinly App include seeing a map of your family, including practice times and scheduling. There’s also a way for teens to check-in with their parents, which shows a location and helps eliminate worry.

For more information on the Kinly App, click Kinly App.


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