BURNSVILLE, Minn. (WCCO) — The Highway 13 bridge over I-35W in Burnsville was supposed to be closed this weekend but it’ll now stay closed until crews can ensure its safe.

That’ll put a kink in south metro traffic to begin the work week.

The bridge was just having scheduled painting done, but crews noticed some damage and MnDOT decided to repair it.

“By closing that lane we get the weight of vehicles off that lane, off that side of the bridge,” MnDOT Director of Communications Kevin Gutknecht said. “This will just allow us to repair the bridge so there’s no further damage.”

MnDOT has been part of an increased bridge inspection effort since the 35W Bridge collapsed in 2007. This repair just happens to coincide with a busy weekend of road closures.

“It’s a little crazy just with going around all the detours, different routes and slowing down,” said Erin Arndt of Savage.

Right now there’s no deadline for the bridge work to wrap up.

“The last thing we want is not to have any accidents and unforeseen things,” Arndt said. “So I do appreciate precaution.”

The ramp from southbound 35W to northbound Highway 13 will also close until repairs on the bridge are finished.

There will be an update on the bridge’s timeline on Monday.

Kate Raddatz