Twin Cities Breaks Daily Record Set In 1948

FALCON HEIGHTS, Minn. (WCCO) — Day four of the Minnesota State Fair is going to be a hot one. More than 100 people have been treated so far due to the scorching heat.

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The National Weather Service announced Sunday afternoon that the Twin Cities broke the daily record by hitting 96 degrees. The old record, 94 degrees, was set on Aug. 25, 1948.

Fair officials met with St. Paul firefighters, Sunday morning, to talk about dealing with the extreme temperatures.

On Saturday, 51 people were treated for heat-related issues at the fair and 10 had to go to the hospital.

“We just want everyone to be safe at the State Fair. When they come here, we want them to have a good time, a safe time,” said Brienna Schuette, communications director of the Minnesota State Fair.

Dr. Aaron Burnett is with Regions Hospital. He said if you’re heading to the fair over the next couple of days, make sure you take precautions before you go.

“One of the messages we are trying to get out to people is to really show up well hydrated so you’re not behind the 8 ball when you get here,” Dr. Burnett said.

He also said to remember to take it easy, once you’re there.

“It’s amazing how much you walk at the fair. So have a plan in place to stop along the way so that you’re not walking miles and miles without a break,” he said.

If you have a pre-existing condition, like heart trouble, or high blood pressure, he says you should also avoid eating salty food.

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Fair officials also have several measures in place to keep people cool.

Several businesses and booths at the fair have misting fans. The State Fair also brought in their own misting devices after last year. Two are located at the medical aid building on West Dan Patch.

The other misting station is located at the east medical aid building near the Fine Arts Building.

There are 40 drinking fountains on the grounds where visitors can refill a water bottle. Many businesses and vendors are also giving away free water.

The fair does allow visitors to bring coolers on the grounds to carry your own ice and water.

Heat is the most common weather related killer, but there are signs to look for before heat stroke sets in.

If you have excessive sweating, cramps, fatigue or nausea you should drink water, get out of the sun and rest.

If the symptoms get worse, you should seek medical help.

“So we are prepared with the St. Paul Fire Department and Regions Hospital, both agencies, we work with on medical aid here,” Schuette said.

The fair is also asking the marching band directors to have their marchers dress in cooler clothing, rather than their regular marching band uniforms during the afternoon parade.
Medics will follow the parade and greet the marchers at the end if there are any heat related issues.

Beyond the fair, Minneapolis Public Schools have canceled all outdoor after-school athletic practices for Monday.

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