MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Working in a food truck is a hot experience on a normal day, but on Monday it’s was just unimaginable.

According to WCCO Radio’s Meteorologist Mike Lynch, the temperature topped out at 97 degrees Monday afternoon, with the humidity the heat index reached 105.

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“Usually on a normal day the temperature inside the truck is around 100,” Saed Wadi, owner of the World Street Kitchen food truck, said. “So imagine on a day like this it would’ve been impossible for my crew to perform. It’s actually hazardous to be out in the truck.”

So, early Monday Wadi decided to keep his staff at home and so did several other truck owners.

“I saw on Twitter early (Monday) morning a lot of food trucks are not going out,” Wadi said. “We have to think of it not from the parking or who’s going to do more business. Our employees come first.”

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For food truck owner Sandra Presley-Patterson, owner of Sandy’s Grill and Italian Ice, business was slow but not too bad, especially if you’re selling frozen treats like her.

“Italian ice is our specialty,” Patterson said.

Also parking for Sandra’s truck was a piece a cake on Monday. Typically she other food truck owners compete for the best spot on Marquette Ave between 7th and 8th.

“Very easy today to get parking,” said Patterson. “And it could be because of the state fair. The state fair, weather and Mondays are what usually affect business.”

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Patterson and Wadi plan to have their trucks out on Tuesday and will keep a close eye on their staff.