FALCON HEIGHTS, Minn. (WCCO) — They’ve sold 16 million records worldwide and have had six top 40 singles in the United States, including one of the biggest pop hits of the 90s. Remember MmmBop?

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Isaac, Taylor and Zac, better known as Hanson, stopped by our WCCO 4 At The Fair show on Tuesday.

“Last night we had a great show and we rarely get to say ‘we’ll see you tomorrow night’ but we got to say that last night,” Taylor said.

The group performed Monday night at the Leinie Lodge Bandshell and they’ll do a repeat performance Tuesday night at 8:30 p.m. So how did night one go?

“It was hot, believe it or not, really hot,” Taylor said. “But we’re from Oklahoma so we can’t really complain. It felt like home.”

Taylor said they are kicking off a world tour with their new album, “Anthem,” which is the group’s sixth record.

“We’ve always focused on live shows, that’s always been important to us,” he said, “and our connection to our fans.”

Taylor said they’ve been on their own independent label since 2003, which has helped them keep their passion for music alive.

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All three of the brothers are married – and that’s not all.

“We’re all married and we’ve procreated many times,” Taylor said. “We’re working on our own county, actually.”

In addition to their music, the band is also passionate about giving back. Since 2007 and throughout their tour, they’ve done one-mile barefoot walks to raise money for HIV/AIDS relief and extreme poverty in parts of Africa. Taylor said their fans get involved, as well.

“The main focus is to take action – you take your shoes off and you do something real,” he said. “You start to think about, ‘Wow, I take a lot of things for granted.'”

Isaac said in the past, they’ve donated on behalf of everyone who’s walking with them but with their new tour, they’re donating a dollar from every ticket sold.

Another passion of the band? Beer.

The band turns 21 this year so they decided to launch their own beer called – wait for it – MmmHops.

“Because one hop would be bad, you gotta have multiple hops,” Isaac said.

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The beer will launch in cities along the tour. You can also go to mmmhops.com to find out more.