FALCON HEIGHTS, Minn. (WCCO) — The State Fair is a slice of heaven for those with a sweet tooth.

But what’s the best dessert at the Great Minnesota Get-Together?

WCCO viewers sent Matt Brickman to Sweet Martha’s for those delicious cookies.

In the last 35 years Sweet Martha’s has become synonymous with the State Fair.

“The very first year we were in a 9 by 11 booth with one little oven and we were able to make about 200 cookies in 12 minutes,” Martha said.

They’re a little busier these days, churning out 24,000 cookies in 12 minutes. And fair-goers can’t get them fast enough.

“I think they like them because they’re made fresh from scratch and they’re right out of the ovens,” Martha said.

Sweet Martha’s doesn’t make anything ahead of time — they’re doing it all on site.

“If you just peer over this window you will see the mixers mixing away and putting in all these fantastic ingredients,” she said.

The cookie dough is available in grocery stores. Also worth noting — the second-place finisher was the malts from the dairy barns.