Hello GQers: Every day, I get dozens of Good Questions from all of you. Most come via email, but others are sent through phone calls straight to me, the assignment desk or the WCCO-TV front desk. My favorite are often the hand-written letters.

The Good Question team goes through every email, but, as you all well know, there are only five days in the week. That means there are plenty of Good Questions that we just don’t get the chance to answer on TV. So, I thought I’d start a little GQ Bonus. Each week, I plan to answer some questions online. It’s my way of thanking all of you for submitting your GQ suggestions. Please keep them coming!

All my best,

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1. The Mowans from Motley recently bought some stuff at Costco. They had to pay taxes on the full price of an item, even though they had a rebate taken off at the register. They asked: Is that legal?

According to the MN Department of Revenue, yes. They say, “Since the rebate amount will be reimbursed by the manufacturer, it is part of the price of the item sold and is taxable.” Here’s a handy chart on coupons, rebates, discounts, that you might find helpful.

2. Dave from Minneapolis had been to Target Field several times and wondered why the flood lights above home plate were never on during games. He asked: Why were these lights installed if they’re never used?

According to the Twins spokesman Kevin Smith, “They are not used during the game because their function is for night time housekeeping and field maintenance. If you look at them closely, they are further apart from each other than the other light fixtures that are used for game lighting.”

3. Nancy asked: Can veterans ride the light rail for free?

Looks like disabled vets can ride for free. Seniors, children, Medicare card holders and people with disabilities can ride at reduced fares. Check out Metro Transit’s website for details.

4. Aaron asked: Why are green screens green?

According to WCCO Chief Meteorologist Chris Shaffer, they used to be blue. But, they were changed to green because green is a color that’s not standard in people’s clothing.

5. Scott from Oakdale said he remembers Al DeRusha (promoter for the American Wresting Association). He wants to know if that is Jason’s dad or Grandad.

According to my expert, Jason, the answer is no. Jason’s grandpas were named Don and Robert. But, he says he often hears from some DeRushas (sounds like DeRoosha) in St. Paul. No relation there, either. And, only the St. Paul DeRushas could tell you if they’re related to Al.


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