MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A Minnesota family is grieving the loss of a mother and a wife after a tragic accident.

At about 6 p.m. Tuesday night, 48-year-old Peggy Keocher, of Stacy, Minn., was riding in a car as her daughter Becky drove north on I-35W near Lino Lakes.

Becky lost control of the car and hit a message board on the side of the road.

She was OK, but her mom died.

“She put up with a lot of adventures when we were kids,” said Peggy’s daughter Christina.

Peggy was happily married for 29 years to her husband Joel. She was also a mother to Christina and Becky. And a smile could always be found on her face, even after she suffered a stroke that left her with persistent migraines.

“She was often in a lot of pain, but she would pull herself together and be strong for us,” Christina said. “I dealt with with being diagnosed with cancer and fighting cancer, and she was there for me the whole time even though she herself was hurting.”

Christina said her mom and sister Becky went shopping on Tuesday. On their way back, she said Becky felt a sudden jerk in the car and lost control. The car crashed into a message board on the side of 35W. Becky’s now dealing with the pain of losing her mother.

“It’s hard for her having been there,” Christina said. “But there is family constantly liftting her up. We’ve all been there for her.”

As the family deals with unexpected tragedy, they plan to cherish what Peggy loved most, such as her dog Mia, who became a constant companion after her stroke.

“She was all about helping others,” Christina said. “Finding the good in everything. The positive. She found the happiness in everything she did.”

Christina said migraines caused her mom to have a stroke six years ago.

And since then, Peggy became an advocate for the Minnesota Stroke Association.

So in her memory, they are asking anyone who may be interested to make a donation to the Minnesota Stroke Association.

John Lauritsen