MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Running is something most do for different reasons. Whether you want to lose a couple of pounds or test yourself somewhere like the Twin Cities Marathon, you want to hit your stride the right way.

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Think about it, you take tennis lessons when you want to play tennis better, why not take running lessons?

Jamie Yuccas went to Regions Rehabilitation Institute to get a running analysis, and she said the results were surprising.

The disparity between how you think you look running and how you actually look can be vast.

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Regions Hospital in St. Paul now offers treadmill analysis to make sure you’re running the right way to prevent an injury before it even starts.

Therapist Lisa Zeman watched Yuccas run first without shoes and then observed how she ran with her shoes on. The pace of the run was varied, and Zeman took video of the entire test.

Once she realizes what’s wrong, she can show you. Then, from those results, the organization can help design a plan of exercises to get you running in the correct form.

So you never have to run away from the sport because of an injury.

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The cost of the service varies. If you already have a sports injury and get referred by a doctor you pay your co-pay like a normal doctor visit.