By Mike Max

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Tuesday night for the Minnesota Lynx is about winning Game 2 and never coming back to Minnesota – just like they did two years ago against Atlanta.

Minnesota’s WNBA squad is 1-0 in the series, and has found the star to carry the load at all times. What’s become apparent is the Lynx have the best player on the floor in Maya Moore.

“Just trying to become consistent and sometimes you have to work out some kinks, develop, and grow,” she said. “I think it’s a very normal thing. We just grew gradually.”

Her connection to a loyal fan base has come with success, and winning, and you sense it’s a relationship that matters.

“We’ve been the best home team the last three years and it’s no secret our fans are a huge part of that,” Moore said.

She is an ambassador to a league that needs people like her.

Atlanta is where her legacy started – it’s home. And it’s where she can’t wait to try and close out another WNBA title.

“I know Maya is excited,” coach Cheryl Reeve said, “Hopefully she can contain herself.”

Mike Max