By Amelia Santaniello

ST. PAUL (WCCO) — Some 18,000 were mesmerized by the music at the first ever We Day at the Xcel Energy Center on Tuesday.

But they were also transfixed by the message from a 62-year-old American who became the Queen of Jordan.

Queen Noor shared her message with WCCO, and her memories of her time here with King Hussein.

Her title may be intimidating, but Queen Noor is not.

But Queen Noor is not.

“I’m just a girl like you who grew up in this country,” she said.

Noor couldn’t have been nicer, or more connected with the charity that brought her here.

“Helping people to achieve a measure of human security, of confidence in their lives and seeing a horizon for their children in the future, a hopeful horizon — that’s the best way to achieve security in general, between countries and in our global community,” she said.

Noor married King Hussein of Jordan in 1978, an American woman capturing the world’s attention with her charm and beauty.

On Tuesday, she caught the children’s attention with a powerful message.

“Never let anyone tell you that you’re too young to change the world,” she said.

She continued on about her hopes for the world’s youth.

“They are kids just like they around the world — sharing the same human fundamental aspirations and dreams that young people do everywhere,” she said.

Noor has devoted herself to world peace and other causes since her husband’s death in 1999. And she’s known Craig Kielburger of Free the Children since he founded the charity as a child.

“This is just the beginning,” she said. “He was such a young man then, that was 12 to 15 year ago. This is the shoot that has developed out of the seed. I can see something extraordinary happening.”

Noor’s previous experience in Minnesota was when she stood by Hussein’s side as he battled cancer at the Mayo Clinic.

“I guess the best memory is how kind people are here, and I’ve seen it on this trip,” she said. “There’s an exceptional humanity and warmth and supportive spirit that I’ve always encountered from people in this state.”

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