MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura is rarely short on opinion, and he weighed in on the federal government shutdown with WCCO’s Nina Moini on Sunday.

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Ventura was at the Mall Of America, signing copies of his latest book, “They Killed Our President,” which explores the different theories about who was behind John F. Kennedy’s assassination.

“That’s why I love the Kennedy murder — it’s a lot like Harry Potter. Every few years, a new one comes out, but there is always something new,” he said.

Ventura said the shutdown is a prime example of the corruption he’s trying to expose.

“They’ve created a system, the Democrats and Republicans, based completely on bribery and the concept of it. If you participate in system, then you get bribed,” Ventura said. “I believe corporations are running our country.”

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To help change Washington, Ventura said he wouldn’t rule out running for president in 2016.

“No one’s doing what forefathers wanted us to do be vigilant citizens take active role, that’s what I try to do,” he said. ”

He mentioned shock jock Howard Stern as a possible running mate because he says Stern would have money to run, without catering to lobbyists.

Congress has until Thursday to raise the debt ceiling, or the government will default on its loans.

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“I’ve been pounding on doors saying ‘I told you so,'” Ventura said about the government’s current situation.