Gallery: Lynx Parade Downtown

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Los Lynx are now calling themselves “Dos Lynx.” The Minnesota Lynx celebrated its second WNBA Championship in three years on Monday.

The Lynx swept the Atlanta Dream to win their second WNBA championship in three years.

They started their day-long celebration at the Governor’s Mansion for breakfast. Then headed to Nicollet Mall for a parade and to Target Center for a pep rally.

The events were free and open to the public.

Thousands of fans lined the streets to celebrate the team.

Minnesota sports fans have been waiting for this — one of its teams bringing home a championship — and the Lynx did not disappoint.

They made it happen in grand fashion, a perfect sweep in the playoffs topping off three great seasons and now two national championships.

Fans could barely contain themselves.

“They’re so focused and they play their hearts out every game,” said Marianne Williams.

The fans say the team makes winning look easy, but they know how much work it takes to be a champion.

“We’re so proud of those Lynx and the coach and everything,” Arlene Mandler said. “What they have put together, they have been able to entertain us in a way that is awesome.”

Fans were just proud to have a sports team everyone can cheer for.

“No other team in the WNBA had the depth of talent that they had,” Alicia Reeves said. “Just incredibly proud.”

And for the players, this moment is one they will not soon forget.

“Man, this is amazing,” Maya Moore said. “It’s really, really special, definitely creating memories for a lifetime right now.”

These young women are definitely enjoying their moment in the spot light.

All of them are so humble — no one wants to take credit for this incredible season or, actually, three incredible seasons.

Emotions continued to run high once fans got inside the Target Center. Cheers for the team filled the arena like never before.

“I thought that our fans had their best season yet,” said Cheryl Reeves, head coach.

It was those cheers and that support that Coach Reeves believes helped fuel this Lynx team to victory.

“You didn’t sit around and wait for things to happen, you gave this team great energy, every time we played, every single time,” she said.

While the coach credits the fans, players believe the journey began in the off season and did not stop until they hoisted the championship trophy in the air.

“Just the people on our team,” Monica Wright said, “we have so many great personalities, so many unselfish people.”

One look back at the season and you can see why fans are talking dynasty.

Coach Reeves knows she has something special in this team, she just wants to take it one WNBA championship at a time.

“I need a two-month hiatus before you start talking about repeating,” she said. “I don’t want to hear it until January.”

Mark Rosen talked with Lindsay Whalen and Moore in studio Sunday night about the memorable year.

“I think we were just so prepared for every game this season, from day one at training camp, everyone came in with a great attitude and work ethic, we just gelled as a team right from the start,” Whalen said.

“It’s just a joy to see the kids, young boys and girls just seeing us as athletes, performing, being unselfish, playing with passion and engaging,” Moore said. “They don’t forget those moments and remembering that, it’s bigger than us. And it’s great.”

Reg Chapman