(credit: Northwestern Health Sciences University)

(credit: Northwestern Health Sciences University)

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Northwestern Health Sciences University President and Chief Executive Officer Jeff Nelson was found dead from a gunshot wound on his Stillwater property Tuesday morning, the University announced.

Not much more has been released on Nelson’s death.

“This is a tragic occurrence and we’re obviously very saddened for Jeff’s family and for our campus community. I know nothing more than what I’m telling you here, but we’ll be as transparent as possible as we learn more,” the University said in a statement.

The University representative said there’s no reason to believe this to be “anything but an accident.”

Grief counselors are available Tuesday afternoon and continuing into Wednesday.

“Though some of us worked with Jeff only a short time, during his months as our president he re-energized our campus and heightened our aspirations. All of us will be affected by this tragic news, but none so much as Jeff’s family. We’ll be doing everything we can to support them, and have already dispatched members of our leadership team to Jeff’s home in Stillwater,” the statement said.

Classes were canceled Tuesday in honor of Nelson.