WYOMING, Minn. (WCCO) — It’s just one week away from Halloween, so to get into the spirit of the season, WCCO viewers helped Matt Brickman find Minnesota’s Best Haunted Attraction.

And fright fans didn’t disappoint as The Dead End Hayride in Wyoming, Minn. came out on top.

It’s is the brain-child of Jeremy Hastings. In 2010 — at just 25 years old — he turned his family’s farm into one of Minnesota’s spookiest spots.

“When you come into the farm, you’re traveling down this dirt road, there’s not any lights from the city,” he said. “You’re kinda getting an eerie feeling, like ‘We’re really out here, this is spooky.'” And it almost psychs people up before they even step out of their cars.”

And once you get onto the farm, the scares only get bigger.

“I felt that Minnesota didn’t really have any really big over-the-top haunted attractions and I wanted to be the creator of one,” she said.

They get their scares without the usual blood and guts that you’ll usually find at some haunted houses. Even though the Dead End Hayride is scary, they do allow kids as young as 6.

“It’s a very thin line to be still entertaining for the 21-plus crowd, yet still family friendly,” he said.

And if the sounds from the hayride are any indication, they’re hitting their mark.

“You hear those screams of those customers, I just get this big smile on my face,” he said.

Tickets for the Dead End Hayride are $15 on weeknights, $18 on weekends.

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