RICHFIELD, Minn. (WCCO) – Halloween is one of those holidays where some tend to take there decorating to another level.

While most of us will put out a few jack-o-lanterns, maybe a few spider webs, one house in Richfield puts the rest to shame. It’s called the “Nightmare on 4th Avenue” and it’s one of the most impressive Halloween displays in the Twin Cities metro.

One of the first features people will encounter is a crime scene where a victim with a severed foot is drawn out in chalk. There’s also a full graveyard with tombstones in eerie lighting. There’s plenty of skeletons and a full pumpkin display to catch your eye.

Homeowner Ryan Ridgley is the man behind the display, and he said he puts between 100 and 150 hours of his own time into putting everything together. He said it’s a labor of love as most of the items in the display are made of Styrofoam, chicken wire and zip ties.

Ridgley is doing it all in the name of charity. Once Halloween is over, he plans to have a bin for people who stop by to donate their child’s used costumes. They’ll be washed, sorted and then donated to a charity next year that will put them in good hands.

Ridgley said he’s been big into Halloween since he was a little kid. He said since kids often want to have different costumes every year for Halloween, donating an already used one gives a child that opportunity that otherwise they might not have.


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