ANOKA, Minn. (WCCO) — Anoka is known as the Halloween Capitol of the World, but when one local business thought spirits were visiting from the “other side,” they called in Twin Cities Paranormal Investigators.

The group — a collection of believers and skeptics — took a look at what their research revealed at Party Papers, a former chocolate shop and auto showroom.

The building has been around since 1916.

A number of workers at Party Papers have reported seeing the apparition of a female figure inside the store; others have said they’ve seen a mysterious man out front. Employees have also said that a bunch of items have been swept to the floor, as if thrown by an unseen hand.

Based on the history of the building, workers believe the woman they see in the back of the store used to work at Clements Confectionary.

The man they see in front always appears to be shoveling a sidewalk, which would make sense when the location used to be Main Motors.

The investigative team was able to gather audio evidence of strange knocking from inside the building.

Apparently, the ghost is not especially friendly to mean customers, so it’s possible the spirit is there to protect workers.