LAKE ELMO, Minn. (WCCO) — Tuesday night’s snow may be the best thing that could’ve happened to your future Christmas tree.

Growing Christmas trees can take a lot of patience, and Deb Krueger of Krueger’s Christmas trees knows it well, overseeing 30,000 trees.

“A 6-foot tree is probably about 10 years — if we get water, if we get sun, if we get the right growing conditions,” she said.

And conditions on the Krueger’s four-generation Lake Elmo farm are now prime.

“The snow tonight will be great for the trees because the trees take in a lot of their moisture through the needles, and this is ideal for that,” said Neil, Deb’s husband.

The Krueger’s said it actually makes for better looking trees.

“When we get any rain or any snow, it perks them all up,” she said.

And the snowfall puts tree-seekers in the mood a little earlier.

With a labor of love like this, the Krueger’s know money doesn’t grow on trees, but thanks to some aptly timed flurries, it can come from them.

“It’s time to snow,” Deb said. “It’s time to be Christmas. Bring it on.”

You can’t pick up trees out at Krueger’s for about 2.5 more weeks, but you can come out and claim one.

Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield

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