By Reg Chapman

BRAHAM, Minn. (WCCO) — Two people are dead after fire swept through their rural Isanti county home.

The fire was discovered shortly before noon on Thursday near the town of Braham, and the names of the deceased will be released once family has been notified.

“It’s a little isolated out here off the beaten path,” said Isanti County Sheriff Bill Guenther. “A passer-by drove by here, saw the fire, and called it in to 911 right away.”

By the time fire crews from Braham and Cambridge arrived, the house was fully involved.

Investigators said the old home was built in the early 1900s and had wood chip insulation, making the structure akin to a tinder box.

“Once it got going, the old wood caught fire pretty quick,” Guenther said.

Two people called the house home. They did not make it out alive.

“They found a male and female inside, both deceased,” Guenther said. “The autopsy report indicates accidental death by smoke inhalation asphyxiation. There is nothing suspicious at this time.”

Though most of the structure’s destroyed, investigators said the fire began in the kitchen and spread quick.

No word yet on if there were detectors in this house.

Investigators said there have been several medical calls to this house in the past.

Reg Chapman