MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Danyelle from Shorview asked: How long has Minnesota and the U.S. been issuing driver’s licenses?

According to the Federal Highway Administration, Missouri and Massachusetts were the first states to offer licenses in 1903, but New Jersey was the first state to require a test in 1913.  In Minnesota, the Department of Public Safety says drivers were required to have a license in 1934.  The paper license was replaced by the plastic card in 1963 and photos were added in 1972.

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With so many people watching the terrible images of Typhoon Haiyan, Paul from Bovey, Cheri from Bloomington and Krista from River Falls asked: What’s the difference between a cyclone, hurricane and typhoon?

“Nothing, that’s the short answer,” says WCCO-TV director of meteorology Mike Augustyniak. He says cyclone is the generic term for any storm.

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“A hurricane is what forms around our part of the world,” he said. “A typhoon is a hurricane that forms anywhere between the international date line to the west of Hawaii and Vietnam.”

The wind speed for a hurricane and typhoon is 74 mph and higher.

T.J. from Champlin wanted to know: What’s the Minnesota Wild mascot on the jersey?

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It’s a pictogram that if you look at it as a whole, it shows the head of a wild animal.  But, inside the colorful pictogram are examples of the greatness of the Minnesota wilderness. There’s a North Star, some evergreen trees, a red sky, the sun or moon, and a stream. If you look closely enough, the stream also looks like a loon.