MINNEAPOLIS(WCCO) — Nearly five years after a Minnesota man was shot to death on the streets of Philadelphia, police say an arrest in connection to Beau Zabel’s murder is imminent.

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The victim’s stepfather says while an arrest doesn’t bring their son back, it would bring some closure.

Zabel was 23 when he left for Philadelphia to follow his dream of becoming a teacher.

“He was always looking out for the little guy,” said Terry Zabel, his stepfather.

That dream was cut short 42 days after it began. On June 15, 2008, Beau Zabel was walking back from his summer job at this Starbucks when he was shot to death steps away from his new home.

It was robbers after an iPod who shot and killed him.

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“The only thing that was taken was his iPod, his wallet and everything were still with him,” his stepfather said.

Police say the man they’re looking at is already serving time for another murder linked to Beau Zabel’s death.

Police believe shortly after killing the 23-year-old, the man killed the suspected driver of the getaway car in order to keep him from talking to police.

That victim was the only witness when Beau Zabel was shot. That’s one of the reasons it’s taken police so long to make an arrest.

Terry zabel says while police continued to pursue the case, he’s grateful they haven’t given up.

“They wanted to do it for us, I think,” he said. “So, they kept at it…and kept pursuing every lead they could come up with. We’re thankful for it. We’re surprised about it, but very thankful.”

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The suspect police are looking at for this murder is already serving a life sentence.