MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — This Tuesday is National Memory Screening Day, and several facilities in the Twin Cities will be offering free memory screenings for those who are worried about developing a recall problem.

How good is your memory? Little things like misplacing your keys could be indicative of a bigger problem for you or a loved one.

Those memory problems could even be caused by Alzheimer’s disease or other medical conditions.

A memory screening is not used to diagnose any particular illness, but is used to indicate whether or not more testing should be done by a physician.

“The value is to bring awareness to memory loss and to help with the stigma. It’s to bring awareness to contact phsyicial. A lot of times people will be like, oh, I just forgot my keys, but there may be more going on. Sometimes it’s an easy fix, maybe a vitamin deficiency,” Ebenezer Ridges Care Center’s Victoria Sliva said.

Ebenezer Ridges in Burnsville is doing the test from 1 to 4 p.m. on Tuesday.

WCCO’s Natalie Nyhus took the test, which took less than ten minutes. She said she was asked to draw a clock, and was then asked a series of questions and to recall three words that the test admin had said earlier.

The score is on a scale, and doctors will discuss your results with you.