MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — This morning, there are tens of thousands of poinsettias waiting to brighten up people’s homes for the holidays.

WCCO-TV went inside the greenhouse at Bachman’s for a behind-the-scenes look as the floral experts there are gearing up for the holidays. The Bachman’s greenhouse in Farmington as about 5,000 poinsettias that are waiting to give a home some comfort this holiday season.

Dale Bachman, the owner of Bachman’s, said they started preparing the holiday poinsettias back in the spring. The first cuttings of the popular holiday flower started in April.

“We have to do that because the larger poinsettias, like the tree poinsettias, have to be trained up and grown to 4 to 5 feet,” Bachman said.

Poinsettias can start as small as flowers that fit in a two inch pot and can grow as large as 12 to 14 inches, Bachman said.

He said poinsettias are one of the more challenging crops that greenhouse workers face every year. He said about 70 percent of their crop is red and are the most popular, but their blue crop is probably the most colorful. Bachman said they grow the crop, then paint it and even put a little glitter on it to make the flower glow.


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