MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Some Minnesotans say “bring on the winter.” They want the snow, the sports and the ice.

But others say “It’s not even Christmas. Can’t this all wait?”

Bryn Mawr-resident John Padgett is definitely a Christmas guy. The lights go up early in his yard display, a 15-year tradition.

“I usually start the first week of November to be done by Thanksgiving,” Padgett said. “And they’ll probably be up until I can get them unfrozen from the ground.”


Crowds of people are expected to brave the low temps for the Cyclocross race early Saturday. Charles Townsend, the 60-and-over champion, says he’s not afraid.

“From the moment that they say ‘Go,’ or they start with the starter gun, it’s absolutely all out,” Townsend said. “Actually, you know, if it were raining and cold it would be worse. I actually would prefer this.”


Speaking of preferences, Maddy Johnson at Turtle Bread says customers were streaming in to find a warm dinner to sip.

“I think people really look for hearty soups on nights like tonight,” Johnson said.


As a Georgia native, I’m always looking for weather advice. Luckily, Cyclocrosser Charles Townsend suggested wearing lobster gloves, which he says keep your fingers extra warm.


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