MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — While many people unwrapped gifts on Christmas Day, others punched the clock.

People like plow drivers, police officers and a few restaurant workers celebrate their holiday before or after they serve others.

At the Hilton Hotel in downtown Minneapolis, it’s either the 12th or 13th year for Thomas Beaumont hosting Christmas brunch.

He’s a retired University of Minnesota professor who looks forward to this each Christmas.

“I don’t have any children, my wife and I,” he said, “so these are our kids really.”

For those taking their seats, it’s a feast of prime rib and other delicacies without all the hassle.

Peggy Howard of Minneapolis brought her daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren.

“We had everyone at our home last night and it was pure chaos,” she said, “so this is a joy to just relax on Christmas Day and have a lovely brunch with our family.”

The Hilton’s food and beverage manager, Kyle Grubb, said it’s a fun workday.

“Everyone’s in very good spirits,” he said, “they’re very courteous and they really appreciate the people that are here working.”

What’s better is when people add a little extra appreciation to the bill.

“People are cheery and they’re in the gift giving mood,” said Sura Bekele as he bussed tables, “so they’ll also pass on to the tips.”

With about 300 reservations Wednesday, the Hilton was able to handle things with some workers staying home for Christmas.

“We rotate in the families so each chef gets a holiday,” said executive chef Julian Grainger, “and it’s either Thanksgiving or Christmas.”




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