MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Think Black Friday is the Twin Cities’ busiest shopping day of the year? Think again.

At the Mall of America in Bloomington, Dec. 26 has taken over the top spot, fueled by shoppers eager to return or exchange gifts, and take advantage of sales that have become more appealing.

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“Last year, the day after Christmas was our busiest shopping day of the year and we anticipate it will be again in 2013,” said Dan Jasper, vice president of public relations for the Mall of America.

It’s a trend that has developed over the past decade, fueled by primarily deal seekers with money to spend.

A majority of consumers (79 percent) surveyed by RetailMeNot.com and The Omnibus Company plan to shop the end-of-year sales that occur after the holidays, and of these shoppers, 64 percent plan to buy items for themselves during this time.

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According to the survey, it is a less popular time to shop for others, such as significant others (42 percent) or relatives (29 percent).

“It used to be a day of drudgery that people didn’t look forward to,” Jasper said. “Now, our guests really enjoy it because they can take advantage of great sales and often they have gift cards burning a hole in their pocket.”

MOA prepares months in advance to enhance the shopping experience, staffing up to cut down on long lines and wait times.

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The mall is open 8 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. on Dec. 26.