MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — In just 24 hours, the temperature managed to drop 50 degrees in the Twin Cities.

While families were outside Saturday enjoying record highs, the ice rinks and lakes were vacant Sunday. One place some chose to brave the bitter temps was the Como Zoo in St. Paul.

“The animals that are used to the cold, they have more fur than we do, so they’re doing just fine,” Stephanie Christianson said, laughing.

The most popular exhibit at the zoo was the polar bears, who were out of their dens playfully enjoying the subzero temps.

“The polar bears probably think this is a bit of summer,” Novella said.

Still, it was bitterly cold. Zoo goers were bundled up in several layers, ducking into indoor exhibits to stay warm.

“It’s pretty cold, but it’s Minnesota. What can you do?” Jane Hoff-Weis said.

“Right now, I’m doing OK. As long as we go building to building, were fine,” one man said.

The zoo also brought in newcomers visiting for the holidays, some experiencing Minnesota’s extreme cold for the first time.

“I’m from Australia so I don’t understand it,” Novella said. “I’ve been told the summers are spectacular so there must be something worthwhile staying in this region.”

Summer is still about six months away.

“I was born and raised in Minnesota, so I don’t mind it actually, it’ll be OK,” Christianson said.


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