MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Regardless of how your 2013 was, everyone gets a fresh start on Wednesday, Jan. 1, 2014. For many, they mark this new beginning with a resolution.

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Much like the first day of school, looking at your goals for the year can be daunting. The top three resolutions people make are typically to lose weight, to get organized and to save money.

According to Forbes Magazine, only 8 percent of those who make a resolution actually achieve their goals. If you want to be a part of that group, here are tips.

Professional organizer Louise Kurzka said you should pick just one thing to change and start there.

“The mail is a great example of a problem area in the home,” she said. “Most people have a stack like this that builds up through the week as they process mail and postpone handling it. They just set it in a pile.”

Instead, Kurzka recommended writing out your action plan. Do it when you have time, sort and organize putting your action items in one spot, like a clipboard, and take action to cross things off your list.

If you want to get smaller this year, metabolic specialist Steve Milkovich says think smaller.

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“The best thing I can say is: slow and steady wins the race. It’s one pound at a time, two pounds at a time. Don’t go overboard, don’t stress yourself,” he said.

Milkovich said you should do functional exercises like body squats, push-ups and using simple machines.

If 2014 is the year you make your debt smaller, financial advisor Andrew Rolnick says start with a budget.

“It sounds so simple and everybody knows it, but they don’t do it. And this would be a great time to look back and literally write down what you’re trying to accomplish,” Rolnick said.

His other advice: increase your 401k by 1 percent on the first of every year.

“Over years of time, that habit every new year kick it up a percentage makes a huge difference,” he said.

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With resolutions, the experts WCCO spoke with reminded to go easy on yourself, because these are new habits being formed. Behavior becomes habit, which then becomes a way of life.