The nation’s largest mall is adding yet another option for hungry shoppers.

Pizza Studio, from the brains of Lloyd Sugarman (of the Johnny Rockets franchise), will open a new location at the Mall of America on Jan. 20.

But what is Pizza Studio, you ask? Excellent question.

Ever try to order a pizza with friends but no one can agree on the toppings? Pizza Studio invites its patrons to create their own ‘za masterpiece.

Guests can choose from five different crusts — Traditional, Whole Grain & Flax Seed, Rosemary Herb, Firecracker (or gluten-free for an extra $2), before choosing one of four signature sauces — Tomato Blend, Basil Pesto, Tangy BBQ or Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

From there, they get their choice of cheese, before taking on the difficult task of choosing their toppings, which includes meats, veggies, roasted vegetables and an array of spices.

(credit: Pizza Studio)

(credit: Pizza Studio)

The cost to create your own masterpiece, with unlimited toppings, is $7.99. Once your pizza creation is set, the staff will make it and finish it off with Italian herbs and brushed garlic olive oil.

For those more indecisive, the restaurant also serves a small menu of traditional pizzas, as well.

The Bloomington, Minn. location will be the first location outside of California. More Minnesota locations could be possible in the future, however, the franchise is currently working to open a dozen or so locations in the Northeast.

More information about Pizza Studio, and a full menu, can be found on its website.