MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A puppy is being nursed back to health after being abused and abandoned in the cold.

Someone found a 4-month-old puppy roaming the streets of Minneapolis during last week’s subzero temperatures.

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Minneapolis Animal Care and Control picked up the tiny pit bull while it was minus 25 degree outside. Officer Jacob Young says the dog had cigar wounds all over his body.

“These are injuries that are not consistent with dog fighting,” Young said.”They’re injuries consistent with human abuse to a dog.”

The puppy, later named Jarvis by MACC staff, also had a large infection on the side of his face and was severely emaciated.

Young says Jarvis wouldn’t have survived if he remained outside for just a few more hours.

“It absolutely is hard to see,” he said. “But he’s still a just a very loveable, playful pup.”

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While Jarvis’ condition is severe, abused and abandoned puppies aren’t a rare sight at the center.

MACC takes in an abused dog about once a week. Jarvis is a reminder for people to not only care for their pets, but report those that show signs of abuse and neglect.

“If you see an animal that’s unattended or sick or injured or it looks like it needs help, please call 311,” Young said.

Jarvis has a long road to recovery ahead. His infection is healing, and he will struggle with walking until he can regain muscle strength.

“He’ll probably go into a home and make a very good pet for somebody,” Young said.

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Jarvis will be placed into a rescue group later this week, where he’ll find a foster home and eventually be up for adoption in the coming weeks.

Kate Raddatz