MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — This morning, the WCCO Morning Show is honoring another excellent educator in the metro who has gone above and beyond to make a difference in students’ lives.

This week, Jamie Yuccas got to surprise Kristin Stapleton, who teaches math at Plymouth Middle School.

She says she took her love for math and kids and found the perfect job.

“There really is a multifaceted kind of picture that has to be painted by the teacher to get that teacher to really connect with kids, and Kristin is really wonderful,” said Plymouth Middle School principal Bruce Beidelman.

Stapleton said she always enjoyed working with kids, and so when she was a sophomore in college, she made the decision to go into teaching.

“And now I love my job,” she said.

Beidelman said Stapleton has a unique way of making math connect for all of her students. And she enjoys the way kids connect with her, citing aspects of their personalities many teachers probably wouldn’t be quick to point out.

“I like their sarcasm and their sassiness. It’s fun,” she said. “And I like when I can see the light bulb goes on and they understand what it is that I’m teaching.

Stapleton said every year on the job gets better and better, and added that she would never want to teach any other grade level.

You can nominate a deserving educator by going to the WCCO Morning Show’s Facebook page, telling us their name and why they should be WCCO’s Excellent Educator of the week.


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