By Reg Chapman

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Minnesota is one of the healthiest states in the nation, and our cold and snowy winters don’t stop runners.

There are some unique hazards connected to winter running that can cause serious injuries, even to experienced runners.

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Runner Jeff Dehler says his biggest concerns with winter running is slipping and falling on the ice.

“The warming and melting and then refreeze at night – the sidewalks get really slippery,” Dehler said.

He’s one of a number of runners who refuse to stop when it gets cold outside.

Dr. Paul Langer is president of the American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine, and he’s an avid runner.

“Working with an orthopedic group, I guarantee we’re going to have some elbow fractures, hand fractures, ankle fractures coming in today because they don’t see that ice,” Langer said. “When the footing is a little dicey, either I’ll run indoors those days or I start using things that will protect me a little bit.”

He suggests winter running shoes to help protect your feet

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“This has a Gortex upper, so that kind of keeps some of the mess, the slush, the cold out,” he said.

He says even though winter running shoes have added traction, there are devices that can provide better grip.

Hypothermia is also a concern, so dressing for the elements is a must.

“You’ve got to have layers,” Langer said. “You’ve got to have a shell that stops the wind, and then layer underneath that.”

Dr. Langer says runners should also make sure they stretch and warm up more than usual to protect injuring their Achilles tendon.

When dressing warm, runners should note to not wear cotton shirts or socks because they’ll gets wet and stay wet.

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There are other fabrics you can buy that will wick away the sweat and keep you dry.

Reg Chapman