MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Meteorologist Mike Augustyniak once again traded a few barbs with the morning crew from KNX 1070 NEWSRADIO in southern California on Monday morning.

The last time Augustyniak talked with Dick Helton and the rest of them was during our blisteringly cold Christmas Eve.

This time, Augustyniak was speaking from the perspective of someone who just returned back to Minnesota from Los Angeles, where temperatures were in the 80s.

“Why did you banish me like this?,” Augustyniak asked.

Among the topics Augustyniak talked about with the Los Angeles crew were the impact the cold has had on schools, many of which are closing for the fourth time this month, and the dangers of frozen pipes, including the massive explosion of an Xcel Energy natural gas pipeline in Canada over the weekend.

Augustyniak also talked about the impact this cold snap will have as it moves south toward the Gulf of Mexico coast later this week.

Augustyniak’s latest forecast for the Twin Cities is for the dangerous cold to remain until midweek before a very gradual warming trend. On the bright side, there isn’t a whole lot of chance for snowflakes in the near future.


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