MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — With many schools in the area now on their fifth day off due to extreme cold conditions, some parents may understandably be trying to figure out how to combat cabin fever.

Once again, the Mall of America’s Nickelodeon Universe is offering free rides, which it also did earlier in the month when Gov. Mark Dayton mandated all public schools be closed.

Whereas last time, on Jan. 6, the amusement park offered rides throughout the day, this time the free rides will be limited to the afternoon until 4 p.m.

The announcement was made through Twitter:

The National Weather Service issued a wind chill warning as extreme cold and brisk winds pushed subzero temperatures to the 35 to 50 below range in some parts of Minnesota.

On Monday, the Minneapolis Public School District announced two make-up days for Feb. 14 and March 28. Many other school districts are expected to announce makeup days as well.