MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A woman suffered critical injuries Wednesday night when she was hit by a commercial truck in a busy shopping center near Lake Calhoun.

John Elder, a Minneapolis police spokesman, says the woman had been waiting at a red light at around 6:15 p.m., trying to walk south across West Lake Street.

After the light turned green, the truck — which was right next to the woman — turned onto West Lake from West Market Plaza, hitting the woman and dragging her about 25 feet.

The driver pulled over, and cooperated with officers who came to the scene. The driver was not ticketed, Elder said.

Emergency crews stationed across the street gave the woman immediate care and brought her to the Hennepin County Medical Center. She was in critical condition Wednesday night.

First responders said the woman had a pulse when they treated her and that she had suffered serious head injuries.

The woman’s name has not yet been released, but authorities say that she is in her mid-twenties.