By Reg Chapman

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Many homeowners were happy to see warmer weather Tuesday, but they weren’t so happy to see what comes with it – ice dams.

As melting snow from rooftops forms ice dams in gutters on homes across the Twin Cities, companies who specialize in clearing ice dams see a huge increase in customers.

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“My phone’s been ringing off the hook since seven this morning,” said Kris Marier, owner of Copper Valley Restoration.

He and his company cut huge chunks of ice from rooftops across the metro.

“We basically will cut the ice out in foot or two-foot sections, we melt the sides and the bottom, and let gravity take its course, and [the ice] falls off the roof when it’s ready,” he said.

Marier says it’s been hard keeping up with business, because in almost every gutter he sees, ice dams have taken over.

 If ice dams aren’t dealt with, they can lead to more expensive repairs.

“The snow will melt and force the water down underneath the shingles, and then you get water in the house,” Marier said.

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Copper Valley charges $300 an hour to steam off ice dams.

“That day will come, but I am not ready yet,” said homeowner Phil Daniel.

Daniel could see Marier and his workers from his front yard Tuesday. He prefers to get a little exercise and save a few bucks by raking his roof clean of snow and ice.

“This year there is a bigger snow load on there now than I’ve ever seen,” said Daniel.

That heavy snowfall has been big business for Marier and crew. With warmer days forecasted, he is expecting more calls to keep him and his crew working.

“If I were to check my phone right now,” Marier said, “it’s probably ringing.”

A little preventative maintenance — raking the snow off your roof before the ice dams form — can save you lots of money in the end, Marier said.

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A word of advice: If you are raking the ice dams off your roof, be careful not to pull the granules off the shingles. That’ll have you replacing your roof.

Reg Chapman