MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The Hennepin County Attorney’s office will not file criminal charges against anyone associated with a social media scandal involving a 17-year-old Rogers student-athlete.

Reid Sagehorn was suspended until April after responding via Twitter on a sexually-explicit website created by Rogers’ students called “Rogers Confessions.” The anonymous posting asked if Sagehorn had been intimately involved with a 28-year-old Rogers High School teacher.

“Actually, yes” wrote Sagehorn, who’s the captain of the school’s basketball and football teams.

Police said the anonymous postings detailed sex acts between the two. As a result, the teacher was the subject of a criminal investigation.

Rogers Police Chief Jeff Beahen said they cleared the teacher of any wrongdoing and have determined there was no relationship between her and Sagehorn.

Sagehorn claimed it was intended as sarcasm, but was suspended after the tweet. However, more than 4,600 people signed an online petition to immediately restore the high school senior’s enrollment.

The attorney’s office said there is “insufficient evidence” to support the claim that any criminal offenses occurred.


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