MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — This week we’re tapping into the often overlooked parts of the Twin Cities metro art scene.

This morning we show you light painting by a local artist who does it right out of his basement in northeast Minneapolis. It’s a unique art form that doesn’t require expertise to have a little fun with.

It’s easy to do and allows you to explore your creativity when it comes to art. Dana Maltby has a studio in the basement of his home, and that’s where the masterpieces come to life.

Maltby said the idea for light painting came to him when he was wandering around in the dark with his camera and found it difficult to take pictures with the exception of a long exposure. He said from 10 to 30 second photos, he realized that lights can act as painting in the air.

He combines long exposure with light tools to create the effects in light painting. Maltby offers light painting classes and said he can also set people up who want to try it in their own home.